Founded in 2000, Edge is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Sydney, Australia. Our creative design team fosters a collaborative approach, sharing design inspiration and their wealth of knowledge. As spatial designers we bridge the gap between exterior and interior to craft authentic, unique and thoughtfully considered experiences. Working locally and abroad, Edge’s body of work includes large scale retail developments, public spaces, food precincts and retail roll-outs.

Our commitment to finding creative solutions combined with our extensive experience enables us to analyse and respond to our clients briefs and create memorable environments that not only place the customer at the heart of every experience but also ensure our client’s business objectives are achieved. We deliver customer centric environments that foster a return to experience, and return on investment.

At Edge we follow a design process that synthesises business objectives with human needs and place identity. We take a holistic approach to spatial design in the built environment which addresses the customers journey from outside to inside, ensuring seamless transitions between the context and building interior. Our distinctive approach and refined design process ensures the strongest marketable design solution for every project.

Edge inspires and encourages our clients to think beyond the brief, enabling the creation of spaces that exceed expectations.

We nurture our partnerships with architects, developers, landscape architects, project managers, lighting designers and food consultants to ensure that successful, profitable designs are delivered, every time.

Our range of completed projects, many of which are showcased here on our website, is evidence of our extensive design expertise and keen awareness of current market genres.


Megan’s more than 20 years of experience in the design industry has seen her work on many large-scale retail developments, food precincts, hospitality and specialty retail projects across Australia and South East Asia.

Her unique ability to combine retail science and intuition with an added eye for detail has ensured the ongoing success of Edge - a company she played a key role in founding in 2000 and now heads.

With unparalleled expertise in planning, design guideline creation and design strategy, Megan continues to deliver successful outcomes for clients and their products in all facets of retail and hospitality projects.

Megan believes in the importance of continually striving to deliver inspirational environments that are well considered, creative and respond to the client’s brief.

She is passionate about fostering creativity within the Edge team and is a firm believer in the value of collaboration both internally and with clients and suppliers.

As a leading exponent for international movements, Megan’s leadership ensures Edge’s output remains both current and competitive.



Paul’s multi- faceted career has placed him within some of Australia's most highly regarded design consultancy’s. His professional journey has offered him opportunities to work creatively on a multitude of project briefs, ranging from exhibition design in heritage environments, hospitality and commercial design to film sets and design for the public realm.

More recently Paul has been working in the retail design sector and practicing a creative design thinking approach that fuses business

Paul has managed multiple creative teams and overseen the development of a diverse range of environment design projects including large scale retail developments through to experiential and branded environments in the financial, banking and telco sectors.

The insights, experience and acumen garnered from mastering an array of design disciplines provides Paul with a unique perspective, and a raft of skills, all of which he brings to the practice of spatial design

His strength lies in his ability to interpret strategic briefs, brand identity, context and heritage to make considered, memorable and engaging environments with the human experience at the centre.